Major Warren Dunnett of the 95th Rifles is Richard Sharpe's commanding officer.


On the retreat to Corruna in Sharpe's Rifles he is captured by the French in the skirmish that separates Sharpe and the surviving rifles from Sir John Moore's army.

Dunnett then spends the remainder of the War languishing in captivity, while the Lieutenant he despised rises through the ranks.  He had the freedom of the town of Verdun, but had no money for bribes or luxuries, and he stated he'd rather die that see that town again.

When he and Sharpe meet again at Waterloo, he was thin and worn, and was incredulous Harper had survived, calling him a rogue - and then apologized to Sharpe, saying he'd been wrong in his opinion of the man from the ranks, and that it was good to see him again; so few of the old battalion still lived, many had died at New Orleans.


In the film adaptation, Dunnett was played by Julian Fellowes, who would go on to also play the Prince of Wales in Sharpe's Regiment.

The character did not appear in the film adaptation of Sharpe's Waterloo as he was killed in the action depicted in Sharpe's Rifles.