Tobias Moore
Tobias Moore
Medium: Television
Nationality: English
Rank: Riflemen
Appearances: Sharpe's Honour

Sharpe's Battle Sharpe's Sword Sharpe's Regiment Sharpe's Siege Sharpe's Misson

Actor: Richard Rutherford-Moore
Tobias Moore was a soldier and chosen man who fought in the Peninsular War. He was portrayed in the television series by the show's historical and technical advisor Richard Rutherford-Moore.

TV seriesEdit

In the TV series, Moore never spoke and didn't have a lot of roles, he was a minor character who was a new chosen man for the Chosen Men with Sharpe,

He first appeared in Sharpe's Honour and partook in the Battle of Vitoria, he was hiding in the bushes and gave Sergeant Harper his 7 barrel gun to him who also offered him a rifle, he welcomed him aboard, possibly meaning he was one of the new Chosen Men, he survived and managed to take the cannons and the Battle of Vitoria was won, he was seen later with an unnamed girlfriend at camp dancing with her for the victory of Vitoria as well,

He didn't turn up in Sharpe's Gold for unknown reasons possibly because either the actor was away on another film, or the character suffered malaria and hospitalised.

He appeared in Sharpe's Battle as well, and also took part in the Franco-Spanish Border towards where Brigadier General Loup was, he also helped Lord Kiley and the Irish Company be trained before the attack, he had spoken in this episode and of course he was possibly friends with Hagman and Harris because he was often seen at times with them. He survived Loup's village when none of the other rifleman survived. Harper, Hagman, Harris and Perkins, and Millerson, unfortunately Perkins was killed in the hands of Irish Company Guardsman O'Rourke and Harper got vengeance for the youngest member who was a brave soldier, soon the Irish Company took the Village Loup was at, and Loup was killed soon after by Sharpe, and Kiley was unfortunately killed by Loup before any attempt was made to save his wife, and before Sharpe fought him, he didn't partake in Perkins's funeral because of this, he was off duty at that time,

He appeared in Sharpe's Sword, and partook at El Mirador's place, but with a stay at the town Villafranca, and a traumatised girl, he stayed at Father Curtis's church for the night, but then later one night he partook in the battle at the French fortress, which resulted in the deaths of half of Col Berkeley's men and Berkeley as well, he survived but Sharpe was severely wounded, which really his old arch-nemesis Sir Henry Simmerson did, after Sharpe was recovered, he partook again at the fortress, but it resulted in the death of Jack Spears who sacrificed himself for the others, he survived the battle, but Harper was knocked unconscious from getting the flag by the French, and Sharpe later fought against the General, avenging for the deaths of McDonald, Berkeley, and Spears as well, Sharpe killed Colonel LaRue soon after, and Harper soon married Ramona in the end, they carried on afterwards.

He cameoed in Sharpe's Regiment but didn't get seen through the whole story, only in the start and end,

He also appeared in Sharpe's Siege, and their before they would head to France, partaken in the battle of Bordeaux and survived it.

He also appeared in Sharpe's Mission and partook in the Battle of France.

Later lifeEdit

It's unknown what happens to Moore after Sharpe's Misson because he didn't appear in Sharpe's Revenge, or Sharpe's Justice or Sharpe's Waterloo, he was likely discharged before Sharpe's Revenge, and went home to England,

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