Tobias Moore
Tobias Moore
Medium: Television
Nationality: English
Rank: Riflemen
Appearances: Sharpe's Honour

Sharpe's Battle Sharpe's Sword Sharpe's Regiment Sharpe's Siege Sharpe's Misson

Actor: Richard Rutherford-Moore

Tobias Moore was a soldier and chosen man who fought in the Peninsular War. He was portrayed in the television series by the show's historical and technical advisor Richard Rutherford-Moore.

TV seriesEdit

In the TV series, Moore seldom spoke, he was a minor character to fill in the depleted ranks of the  chosen men. He first appeared in Sharpe's Honour and participated in the Battle of Vitoria. He survived and managed to take the cannons, he was seen later with an unnamed girl at camp, dancing with her for the victory celebration.

He appeared in Sharpe's Battle as well, and also took part in the Franco-Spanish Border towards where Brigadier General Loup was, he also helped Lord Kiley and the Irish Company be trained before the attack.

He appeared in Sharpe's Sword, and stayed at Father Curtis's church for the night, and participated in the battle at the French fortress, which resulted in the death Col. Berkeley and half his men. He survived but Sharpe was severely wounded.

He also appeared in Sharpe's Regiment,  Sharpe's Siege, and in Sharpe's Mission.