Teresa Moreno

appeared in Bernard Cornwells Sharpe`s Gold for the first time. While in the movies she appeared in Sharpe`s Rifles for the first time. At the beginning of the novel Sharpe`s Gold she was engaged to the Partisan leader and Spanish colonel El Católico.

Sharpe fell in love with her because she was totally different than any other women he had met -- she was a cold, hardened, killer, in many respects like Sharpe himself. Teresa later became a partisan, deciding on the name "La Aguja", which means "the needle," at Sharpe's reccomendation. She became leader of the partisans after the ending of Sharpe's Gold. This is another difference to the TV Series, where she had been a partisan leader when she met Sharpe for the first time in Sharpe`s Rifles.

She became Richard's wife and mother of his first child, Antonia. She was killed by Sharpe's old enemy Sgt. Hakeswill.

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