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Books Edit

On the info pages about the books, eg. Sharpe's Rifles should the storyline/synopsis be what the blurb on the book says or a general summary of what happens. If the latter is the correct answer then we need to create a spoiler warning template to alert any people who havn't read the books to the fact that the plot will be revealed.

Ethers [talk]

I'd suggest both. I now have an agreement with Harper Collins for reproducing the blurb and displaying the jacket cover (which we can get from Amazon), so the blurb would be a good intro for new readers. I'd like to add a synopsis too, below a spoiler warning as you suggest, but it may involve a bit of work to condense one of Bernard Cornwell's fine books down to a few hundred words.

Steve Bradburn [talk]

Characters Edit

I've started the characters index with character names in the format "Christian-Name Surname". This follows the example set by Wikipedia (I assume it is similar throughout Wikia). Therefore all character index links at the foot of pages I've created as

[[Category:Characters|Surname, Forenames]]

I've also tried to omit the rank from the title, as it changes so much (especially for Richard Sharpe!). This may mean that some characters will only be listed by surname, where the christian name has not been given (although Bernard Cornwell has always been quite good at fleshing out the characters with a name and a bit of history).

Steve Bradburn [talk]

Infobox Edit

Having started to integrate the Infobox_books some time ago (and leaving it in a bit of a mess!) I've now introduced a new Infobox specific to Sharpe's Wiki. Entitled Infobox_Sharpe, it features the folowing:

| book_name    = 
| subtitle     = 
| image        = 
| author       = 
| publisher    = 
| cover_art    =             <!-- optional -->
| written_date =             <!-- optional -->
| publish_date =             <!-- optional -->
| isbn         =             <!-- optional -->
| preceded_by  =             <!-- optional -->
| followed_by  =             <!-- optional -->

Any suggestions for other items which should be in here gratefully received, although as these will be on the book pages, most information will already be on these pages.

Steve Bradburn [talk]

My only comment would be that you could add the date at which it was set (e.g. Sharpe's Waterloo 1815). It will already be on the book page but then so will the title etc and so this might just be an useful addition!
Ethers [talk]
Yes, it is a useful addition, I will add that.
Steve Bradburn [talk]

Films Edit

Are we adding a chapter list to the film pages?
Also, are there any copyright issues over photos or adding external links to other websites eg. the SAS? Ethers [talk]

Chapter list? ie. subsections of the films, or scenes? If so, that sounds a good idea.
Copyright issues: we have permission from HarperCollins for the book intros (blurbs), and the book covers are covered for our usage (can't remember where, but I think the book covers are free from copyright). I have not contacted anyone about the movie info yet - some may be copyright free (like the images), some will need permission (like storylines).
As for links, they are usually fine for top level links, others are not illegal but can be frowned upon (deep linking) or illegal (scraping). We should be OK with external sites like the SAS and
Steve Bradburn [talk]
Ethers [talk]

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