"Sharpe" is a series of novels written by Bernard Cornwell and featuring the fictional protagonist, Richard Sharpe. The first entry to the series, Sharpe's Eagle, was published in 1981 with the last, Sharpe's Fury, released in 2007. Despite the fictitious characters of the tales, many of the events were based on true historical happenings.  Cornwell has since filled out Sharpe's history, writing novels covering his time in the ranks and as an ensign. The publication chronology has little to do with Sharpe's timeline.

Cornwell also wrote two short stories - Sharpe's Skirmish and Sharpe's Christmas - for publication in the British newspaper, Daily Mail. They were subsequently published by the Sharpe Appreciation Society (SAS), with profits divide between the SAS and the Bernard and Judy Cornwell Foundation.

List of novels and short storiesEdit



1st Pub
Revision Date

01 Sharpe's Tiger Richard Sharpe and the Siege of Seringapatam, 1799 (1997)
02 Sharpe's Triumph Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Assaye, September 1803 (1998)
03 Sharpe's Fortress Richard Sharpe and the Siege of Gawilghur, December 1803 (1999)
04 Sharpe's Trafalgar Richard Sharpe and theBattle of Trafalgar, October 1805 (2000)
05 Sharpe's Prey Richard Sharpe and the Siege of Copenhagen, 1807 (2001)
06 Sharpe's Rifles Richard Sharpe and the French Invasion of Galicia, January 1809 (1988)
07 Sharpe's Havoc Richard Sharpe and the Campaign in Northern Portugal, Spring 1809 (2003)
08 Sharpe's Eagle Richard Sharpe and theTalavera Campaign, July 1809 (1981)
09 Sharpe's Gold Richard Sharpe and the Destruction of Almeida, August 1810 (1981)
10 Sharpe's Escape Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Bussaco, September 1810 (2004)
11 Sharpe's Fury Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Barrosa  (March 1811), Winter 1811 (2007)
12 Sharpe's Battle Richard Sharpe and theBattle of Fuentes de Oñoro, May 1811 (1995)
13 Sharpe's Company Richard Sharpe and the Siege of Badajoz, January to April 1812 (1982)
14 Sharpe's Sword Richard Sharpe and theSalamanca  Campaign, June and July 1812 (1983)
15 Sharpe's Skirmish Richard Sharpe and the Defence of the Tormes, August 1812 (short story) (1999) (revised extended edition published 2002)
16 Sharpe's Enemy Richard Sharpe and the Defence of Portugal, Christmas 1812 (1984)
17 Sharpe's Honour Richard Sharpe and the Vitoria Campaign, February to June 1813 (1985)
18 Sharpe's Regiment Richard Sharpe and the Invasion of France, June to November, 1813 (1986)
19 Sharpe's Christmas December 1813, Franco-Spanish border (short story) (1994) (revised edition published 2003)
20 Sharpe's Siege Richard Sharpe and the Winter Campaign, 1814 (1987)
21 Sharpe's Revenge Richard Sharpe and the Peace of 1814 (1989)
22 Sharpe's Waterloo Richard Sharpe and the Waterloo Campaign, 15 June to 18 June 1815 (1990)
23 Sharpe's Ransom December 1815, Normandy (short story) (1994) (revised edition published 2003)
24 Sharpe's Devil Richard Sharpe and the Emperor, 1820-21 (1992)