Sharpe's Sword
The Salamanca Campaign June and July, 1812
Author Bernard Cornwell
Publisher HarperCollins

Published 1982
ISBN ISBN 0-00-222131-4, 10 May 1982, Hardback
Preceded by Sharpe's Company
Followed by Sharpe's Enemy
Sharpe's Sword is a historical novel in the Richard Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell. It is the fourteenth in Sharpe's chronology, set in the summer campaign of 1812 including the Battle of Salamanca on 22 July 1812. Sharpe and Sergeant Harper find themselves in a secret war of spies, while hunting down the sadistic and highly dangerous Colonel Philippe Leroux.

The life of Britain’s most important spy is at stake. Sharpe has been given the task of ensuring el Mirador's safety by finding the dangerous Colonel Philippe Leroux, who knows the identity of the spy and will stop at nothing to silence him.

A cast of characters including the lovely Hélène, La Marquesa de Casares el Grande, Captain Jack Spears, Father Curtis, and a close brush with death, flesh out the tale.


Captain Richard Sharpe

Sergeant Patrick Harper

Major Michael Hogan

Lieutenant General Wellington Colonel Philippe Leroux Hélène Leroux

The Reverend Doctor Patrick Curtis Captain Lord Jack Spears

Historical NotesEdit

References are made to incidents during the Peninsular War and the 1812 Battle of Salamanca. Lieutenant General Wellington, Marshal of France Auguste Marmont, Patrick Curtis and Sergeant Connolly, and Colquhoun Grant were all based on actual historical figures and are discussed in the author's notes.


Sharpe’s Sword has been adapted for TV as Sharpe's Sword, a 1995 British television drama, part of a series shown on the ITV network. While based on the novel, it is set a year later (1813) than the book and contains several other variations to the novel.