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Sharpe's Siege
Chosen Men: Richard Sharpe
Patrick Harper
Daniel Hagman
Tobias Moore
Enemy: Comte de Maquerre
General Calvet
Setting: France
Broadcast: 1996
Format: 100 minutes
Based on: Sharpe's Siege
Preceded by: Sharpe's Regiment
Followed by: Sharpe's Mission

Sharpe's Siege was the tenth TV movie based on the Sharpe series, and was broadcast in 1996.


While on a perilous mission to capture a fort in France, Sharpe's wife contracts a deadly fever that has swept through the ranks of the British camp. Sharpe is compelled to stay and fight for his country, knowing that even if he survives he may never see his beloved new bride again.

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  • Written by: Eoghan Harris
  • Executive Producer: Muir Sutherland
  • Produced by: Malcolm Craddock
  • Directed by: Tom Clegg
  • Music by: Dominic Muldowney and John Tams


  • Year: 1996
  • BBFC Classification: 12
  • Catalogue Number: 37115 02763

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