Sharpe’s Revenge is the twelfth TV movie based on the Sharpe series.

The battle of Toulouse and the end of the Peninsular War.

Jane leaves for England.

Sharpe is framed as the thief who stole Napoleon's gold, and he must clear his name to avoid execution. At the root of his troubles lurks, Ducos. He faces a court of inquery but escapes with Harper and Fredrickson and sets out to find Major Maillot who was coerced into signing the false accusation. Ducos's men have Maillot shot but his widowed sister, Lucille, hides Sharpe whilst Fredrickson tracks down information on Ducos. Former foe, General Calvet allies with Sharpe to hunt down Ducos and regain the treasure.

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  • Sharpe fights his duel against Horace Bampfylde, stemming from the events of Sharpe's Siege. The duel takes place before the morning of the battle.
  • Sharpe serves as Maj. Gen. Nairn's aide during the Battle of Toulouse in the novel. Maj. Gen. Ross (who filled in for Nairn) got away from the battle with only a leg wound, Nairn was killed by a bullet to the lungs.
  • Col. Maillot was killed by Ducos and Sgt. Challon before the Battle of Toulouse. Sharpe and Ducos do not encounter each other during the battle.
  • Col. Henri Lassan from Sharpe's Siege is the brother of Lucille Castineau, not Col. Maillot. Lassan's mother the Dowager Countess Lassan is also present, and is killed alongside Lassan by Ducos' men.
  • Capt. Peter d'Alembord accompanies Harper to England, where Harper gets horse-whipped by Lord Rossendale.
  • Lucille wounds Sharpe with three bullets fired from a horse pistol. Sharpe understandably disliked her intensely during the first part of his stay at the chateau.
  • Along with the dragoons and grasshopper gun, Ducos' villa is guarded by two fierce dogs, who attack Sharpe during the capture of the villa.
  • In the end, Ducos was executed by firing squad, and buried in a ditch.