Sharpe's Honour is the fifth TV movie based on the Sharpe series, and was filmed in 1994.


False accusations of adultery propel Sharpe into a duel over a woman he has never even met. Duels are forbidden in Wellington's army, and it is only the wily Major Nairn that keeps Sharpe from a court martial. However, when Sharpe's Spanish opponent is murdered in cold blood, even Nairn can't save him. A trial is held, and Sharpe is condemned to hang.

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  • Written by: Colin MacDonald
  • Executive Producers: Ted Childs, Malcolm Craddock and Muir Sutherland
  • Produced by: Simon Lewis
  • Directed by: Tom Clegg
  • Music by: Dominic Muldowney and John Tams


  • Year: 1994
  • BBFC Classification: 12
  • Catalogue Number: 37115 02743

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