Sharpe's Escape
Richard Sharpe and the Bussaco Campaign, 1811
Author Bernard Cornwell
Publisher HarperCollins

Published June 2004
ISBN 0-00-712013-3 (hardcover edition)

ISBN 0-00-712014-1 (paperback edition)

Preceded by Sharpe's Gold
Followed by Sharpe's Fury

Richard Sharpe and the Bussaco Campaign, 1811

It is 1810 and the French are making yet another attempt to invade Portugal. Facing them is a wasted land, stripped of food by Arthur Wellesley orders, and Captain Richard Sharpe.

But Sharpe is in trouble. His job is under threat and, with enemies on every side, he has new opposition from a Portuguese warlord against whom he wages a private war, fought through the burning, pillaged streets of Coimbra.

Sharpe's Escape begins on the great, gaudy ridge of Bussaco where a joint British and Portuguese army meets Marshal Massena's crack troops. It finishes at Torres Verdras where the French hopes of occupying Portugal quickly die.





  • September 1810

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