Sharpe's Company
Sharpe's Company
Chosen Men: Richard Sharpe
Patrick Harper
Daniel Hagman
Ben Perkins
Enemy: Obadiah Hakeswill
Setting: Spain
Broadcast: 1994
Format: 100 minutes
Based on: Sharpe's Company
Preceded by: Sharpe's Eagle
Followed by: Sharpe's Enemy

Sharpe's Company was the third TV movie based on the Sharpe series, and was broadcast in 1994.


-With the arrival of new officers from England, Sharpe finds himself relieved of his captaincy, to make matters worse, his sworn enemy - the evil Sergeant Obadiah Hakeswill - is among the arrivals and is out to destroy Sharpe.

Cast and CharactersEdit


  • From a script by: Charles Wood
  • Executive Producers: Ted Childs and Muir Sutherland
  • Produced by: Malcolm Craddock and Simon Lewis
  • Directed by: Tom Clegg
  • Music by: Dominic Muldowney and John Tams


  • Year: 1994
  • BBFC Classification: 12
  • Catalogue Number: 37115 02733

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Sharpe's Company

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