Sally Clayton was a British woman who accompanied her soldier husband, Clayton in Spain during the Peninsular Campaign, together they had a young son.


Sharpe described her as a pretty girl, one of the battalion wives, who usually was the one to cut Sharpe's hair. 

Usually referred to as the prettiest of the battalion wives, her husband was killed at Waterloo, and like most army wives, she almost immediately was forced to look for her next protector. When Sharpe later saw her sitting with Private Charlie Weller, he told Charlie that if he fetched a mug of tea, Sharpe would make him a Sergeant. Sally was quick to see what Sharpe was offering and sent Charlie off before thanking Sharpe.


She and her husband were shown to have an infant and a toddler.

Obadiah Hakeswill abused her husband in hopes she would offer herself to him to stop the abuse. He thought her the prettiest of the wives, but after the assault on Badajoz when he stole their money, he killed her.

Sally was portrayed in Sharpe's Company by Louise Germaine.