Major Sharpe
Richard Sharpe
Medium: Book, TV
Also known as: Sharpie
Nationality: English
Rank: Private
Second Lieutenant
Lieutenant (Sharpe's Rifles)
Captain, (Sharpe's Eagle, Sharpe's Company)
Major, (Sharpe's Enemy)
Lieutenant-Colonel, (Sharpe's Waterloo)
Colonel (Sharpe's Challenge)
Appearances: All
Actor: Sean Bean

Richard Sharpe was a British soldier who fought in India, the Peninsular War and the Battle of Waterloo.


Sharpe was born in London, England in the 1770's to prostitute Lizzie Sharpe and a unidentified Father. He would late move to Yorkshire at a young age, picking up a strong local accent. Some years later he left Yorkshire and joined the British Army. He saw action in India, including surviving the massacre at Chasalgaon, perpertrated by renegade East India Company officer William Dodd, in 1803. It was in India where he met his nemesis, Sergeant Obadiah Hakeswill, who had him flogged. However Sharpe proved himself, and by the end of his time in India had been promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

Sharpe's Rifles Edit

He then saw action in the Peninsula War. While in Portugal he managed to save the life of General Arthur Wellesley, killing three French Cavalrymen in the process. After saving Arthur Wellesley's life, Sharpe was field promoted to Lieutenant. Later, Sharpe met Major Hogan who gave him his first assignment, asking him to find James Rothschild, who was carrying a bank draft vital to the continued funding of the British army.

Sharpe was sent to take command of the so called "Chosen Men". When he first met them, he found them sleeping without a sentry and largely drunk. Angered, he tried to wake the sleeping Patrick Harper who took him to be a thief and they fought. The appearance of a superior confirmed that Sharpe was in command.

Sharpe was initially shunned by his men as he had come up from the ranks and was hostile to them. While making camp in a barn, led by Harper, they staged a mutiny. Sharpe once again fought Harper but the appearance of Teresa Moreno and Count Blas Vivar along with their men stopped the fight. Sharpe agreed that they could accompany his men and had Harper tied up, ready to be sentenced once they returned to camp.

Sharpe rigged the barn with explosives that detonated when the French soldiers entered. He confronted the Count, telling him that he was escorting them, not the other way around. He also questioned the contents of the box they were carrying and was told it contained important documents for the Spanish government.

Teresa convinced Sharpe to treat his men with more respect, and when he did so she was happy. The Count told Sharpe about this, saying it was the first time she had smiled since she was a child and saw French soldiers kill her parents and sister in Salamanca, and thanked him for it. After Harper successfully defended the Count's box, Sharpe told him to rejoin the column. They met the Parkers, a Methodist missionary group, at the village of Casa Antigua and Sharpe took them into his protection.

While staying in a small village, Sharpe broke into the chapel and found Teresa and the Count there. They told him that the box contained the gonfalon of Santiago, a legendary flag supposed to call upon Saint James to assist them as he had centuries before during the invasion of the Moors. Sharpe was angered that they had lied to him and did not believe the banner could inspire the people as the Count wished it would. However, Major Hogan entered and ordered Sharpe to do as the Count commanded. Sharpe agreed but left angrily, followed by Teresa who tried to convince him it would work.

Sharpe and Teresa

Sharpe with Teresa Moreno. (Sharpe's Rifles)

Upon entering Torrecastro, they fought the garrison, led by the Count's brother, the Count of Matamoro. They managed to enter the chapel and raise the banner. They were met with the cheers of the people.

When the fighting ended Sharpe reported back to Wellesley and unmasked "Mrs. Parker" as the missing James Rothschild, still carrying the much needed bank draft. Sharpe then met with Teresa in a barn and they slept together. Hogan promoted him to Second Lieutenant and he waved goodbye to Teresa as she left with the Count.

Sharpe's Eagle Edit

Sharpe suffered from a leg wound at some point between Sharpe's Rifles and Sharpe's Eagle. This prevented him from gaining further advancement from the position of lieutenant. He was placed under the command of one Colonel Sir Henry Simmerson, of the South Essex Regiment, and was tasked with blowing up the Bridge at Val De la Casa. Sharpe quickly developed a feud with Simmerson after being snubbed by Simmerson, his nephew, Lieutenant Christian Gibbons, and his friend Lieutenant Berry.

Simmerson quickly proved an incompetent commander, and his actions resulted in the death of veteran Major Lennox and the loss of the regimental colors. Sharpe, who developed a friendship with Lennox, promised to capture a French Eagle, which was Lennox's dying wish to wash away the dishonor of losing the colors. Due to his actions at Val De la Casa, Arthur Wellesly promoted Sharpe to the rank of Captain. Sharpe distinguished himself at the battle of Talavera, capturing a French Eagle, although he was badly wounded in the process. At some point after the battle he married Teresa Moreno.


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