So you want to help us build Sharpe's Wiki? That's great, we need all the help we can get! But where do you start? Well, that's fairly simple: pick a book, find a fact and add it to the relevant page if there is one, and if not you can create a new one. Simple!

If, however,  we all go about it in our own way then we could end up with a lot of duplicated entries listed under different titles, and so we need a certain amount of simple structure here to help build this wiki.

As with all wikis, everyone can edit pages in Sharpe's Wiki. Just click the edit this page link at the top of any page (except for protected pages) if you think it needs improvement or new information. You don't need anything special; but if you want to experiment first, without risk of "messing up" an article, head over to a sandbox, where you can practice editing to your heart's content. To practice editing an existing page like this one, just copy and paste it from the article's edit page into the sandbox. If you want to learn more, check out the Wikipedia Tutorial to learn the basic info you should know as a member of our project.

Main PageEdit

The The Main Page is where all the visitors will (hopefully) start off, and where we need to create a good introduction to the Sharpe universe. There fore we have to have the following sections:

  • Sharpe's Wiki: The Sharpe's Wiki section is a simple introduction to the Sharpe universe.
  • The Sharpe Books: The The Sharpe Books section is a list of links to each of the Sharpe books. The novels, more than anything else, are the baseline for canon in the Sharpe universe. See below for a description for these pages.
  • The Sharpe Films: The The Sharpe Films section is a list of links to each of the Sharpe TV Movies. See below for a description for these pages.
  • Indexes: The Indexes section is a catch-all section, with list of links to the relevant Category Lists, as well as any other links that may be needed (such as a Useful Links page and a Timeline page). See below for a description for these subsequent pages.

A Sharpe Book pageEdit

Is for the brief synopsis of the novels and stories featuring Richard Sharpe.

A Sharpe Film pageEdit

On which is recorded the synopsis, and technical details behind the 16 made for television films.


This category is designed to list the characters who appear in the Sharpe books. This page is automatically generated from the items which have the [[Category:Characters]] link at the foot of a character page.

A Character PageEdit

Pages for characters are, at the moment (and this may be subject to change), titled with the full name (Forenames Surname) of the character when known. We've made them given names first for readability (as shown on Wikipedia) and for ease of linking; we would rather have Richard Sharpe links through an article than Sharpe, Richard links.

We have not, for the most part, included ranks in the page title, as these can change throughout the books. For example, listing Richard Sharpe as Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Sharpe would complicate the story of Sharpe's Tiger, and listing him as Private Sharpe would look erroneous in Sharpe's Waterloo. Therefore, military ranks for recurring characters have not been included in titles and links.

This page naming convention does not necessarily hold for religious or heraldic titles, and therefore these may be included. Father Curtis should keep his title even when we know his given name, and titles like the Prince Regent and Prince William of Orange will need to remain as titles. This naming system is most problematic for Arthur Wellesley, who given a series of titles throughout the books, but is best known as the Duke of Wellington. These titles will have to be used with redirects. I think we should say that if in doubt, ask. (See also Wikipedia:Naming conventions (names and titles)

Whilst most characters within the Sharpe universe are fictional, some characters, such as Arthur Wellesley and the Earl of Uxbridge are real, and character pages should reflect this by including a See Also section which links to the relevant Wikipedia entries.

A See Also link should also connect the Character page to the relevant Individual page for the actor or actress who plays the part in one of the TV Movies, if it exists. As most of these have been imported from the IMDB, these Individual pages should be present. All character pages must have a Category tag to include it in the relevant Index. To stop the Character Category Index showing names in first name order, all character category declarations will include an alternative text (Surname, Forenames). This will allow a correct alphabetical listing whilst keeping names easy to read.


This category should be used to list specific events that occur in the Sharpe universe. Battles, skirmishes and other notable events can be added on events pages.

An Event PageEdit

This should describe the event, including dates and, if possible, diagrams. We are aiming to replicate the diagrams in the Sharpe books to show locations, military units etc.

Military UnitsEdit

Military units such as the much referenced 95th Rifles may be unfamiliar to some readers. Brief write up of such units help clarify.


A listing of actors who played in the Sharpe movies.