"Have you got everything?
Yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir. God, I'm sorry sir.
Come on, Parry. Not your fault. Down!
— Sharpe and Jenkins over the death of Tongue,
Parry Jenkins
Medium: Book,
Also known as: Unknown
Nationality: English Welsh
Rank: Riflemen
Appearances: Sharpe's Rifles Sharpe's Eagle Sharpe's Gold Sharpe's Sword

Parry Jenkins is a rifleman that served in the 95th Rifles and a Chosen-Man, He first appeared in Sharpe's Rifles,


In the Sharpe novels, Jenkins is a Welshman whom as stated in Sharpes Rifles could have made Sergeant, he was suspected he had lacked the necessary ruthlessness, he however always listened to Lieutenant Richard Sharpe and never disobeyed orders, he seems to be great friends with fellow Riflemen Tongue and Harvey as well, as a fellow friend of Tongue he seemed to get along with him quite well, in the retreat to Corunna however during the battle of St. Jones, Santiago de Compostela, Jenkins with his fellow-rifleman Harvey was given the order by Sharpe to shoot the French Officer a cuirassier whom nearly went killed Sharpe, just as Major Bias Vivar's forces arrived in Santiago de Compostala he survived the battle and become one of Sharpe's Chosen Men,

He also after the siege at Corunna also later partook in the battle at Talavera, and also the destruction of Almelda, later learning of a local partisan commander El Catolico, in search of Claud Hardy, he was now one of only twenty Riflemen out of the thirty-one survivors from the horror of the retreat to Corunna, he partnered with Tongue during the outburst, as they set out on the mission to find El Catolico, they later took refuge in the French Cottages, and found Moreno's house, however though Lieutenant Robert Knowles of course began his terrible commands that would chill Frenchmen, with the help of Major Kearsey, they managed to rescue hostages, although however Kelly the Irish Corporal was mortally wounded, and Cresacre was shot in the thigh, sadly however Kelly died of his wounds, however after the saving of saving Teresa and Ramon, after the attack at Casatejada, they set out again, with gold gone however, El Catoloico however found a Polish Sergeant, also it wasn't long until Private Rorden died in agony, they also went back to look for the gold, however with the gold nowhere to be seen, problems emerged, before a huge battle started, they did find the gold in the end, after doubling the gold, with the help of McGovern and Tongue, he tells the location of where the hostage was captured by the French, but although a girl spoke that Hardy tried to escape the French, however as Hagman told Sharpe that they was horsemen couple of miles south although it wasn't French, it was Dagoes, later after Hardy had died it was too late, after suspecting El Catolico of betrayal, sooner they was a skirmish above and the skirmishers attacked, but however his friend and partner Tongue was killed in the skirmish, Jenkins was in tears, he was saddened for Tongue but however Sharpe told Jenkins non of it was his fault eventually for Jenkins he had to move on from his comrades death, eventually during the Destruction of Almeida, Sharpe managed to have a final showdown with El Catolico on the roof of his bedroom and which eventually they ignite a magazine on the fortress which causes a great deal of casualties and considerable damage to the fortress walls, Jenkins survived the siege,

He also partook in (Sharpe's Company) during the Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo and the Siege of Badajoz, along with Sharpe's chosen men from the 95th Regiment where, Sergeant Patrick Harper, and Sergeant Latimer, and Riflemans Daniel Hagman, Cooper, Harris, Perkins, Green, McDonald, Jedediah Horrell, Christopher Cresacre, Smith, and his others from South Essex considered chosen men where Sergeant Read, Obadiah Hakeswill (a old rival of Richard Sharpe whom once had him flogged in India,) Corporal Jackson, and some others including Privates, Roach, Gutteridge, Peters, and Clayton, (wife of Sally with pretty tits,) where his men chosen for the Siege of Badajoz, however when Captain Rymer brought command of Sharpes' Company, Sharpe was demoted to Lieutenant, Sharpe was given command of regiment's baggage and offered to guard it when he had a young boy named Ensign William Matthews befriended Sharpe, Sharpe would often visit his company which Jenkins was ordered by Hakeswill to dig a trench along with the other Chosen Men as slaves and when Rymer attempted to talk to him, the French attacked and Rymer did nothing, so Sharpe leads his men including Jenkins into battle, the French where unable to fire their muskets due to a heavy rainfall, so Sharpe attacks with his sword, and which Jenkins and many others used objects to hit the French, the French where defeated but during Sharpe's absence the regiments baggage is plundered by Hakeswill, (whom would later have Harper for blame for,) which Colonel Brian Windham found he was furious over this and at Sharpe for abandoning his post, and is further angered when he discovers that a silver portrait of hsi wife has gone missing, He searches the packs of all the members fo the Light Company, and the frame but not the picture is found in Hrper's bag, which led to Harper being demoted to Private and flogged, but he is so impressed by Harper's bravery (and ashamed by his own rashness) that he compliments Harper afterwards and give him money something Jenkins didn't like to see happen,

A few nights later, Windham sent the Light Company on a mission to destory a section of the French fortifications, He asked Sharpe to serve as his aide, but before teh attack, Harper's seven-barrelled gun was taken from him by Hakeswill, as it is a non-regulation weapon. When the Light Company takes logner then expected, Windham sends Sharpe to find out the casue of the delay, Sharpe arrives to see the Light Company doing nothing, when Sharpe went to find Harper, he met with Peters, told him about the Captain going forward which he pointed towards the dam, which was ten minutes ago, due to Rymer's incompetence, a flicker of flmae the size of a candle that seemed to waver, go out then spring up fierce and bright in its light, however Sharpe fied at the french sentry and he decided to blow the wall himself, Jenkins and the other rifleman gave him cover but as he attemted to light the fuse o the powder barrels, the barrels explode but the wall is too strong to be destroyed, which Sharpe had to fall back which he was shot in teh leg by Hakeswill using Harper's seven-barrel gun, needless to say it also cost the life of Ensign Matthews,

Oneday however Hagman one of the rifleman confronted Hakeswill which Jenkins watched and saw the whole thing, but also they're to change the uniforms to red not green which Jenkins nor the other rifleman found great, Sharpe confronte Haksewill about the rifles he led from Corunna, and saw Jenkins and the other misery in their faces, which they're where being stripped of all their pride along with their green jackets, Sharpe did confrontions at Hakeswill, which Sharpe defends the humiliating Hakeswill by pretending to shoot him, Hakeswill is more than ever determined to get revenge on sharpe and also plans to get Teresa in Badajoz before Sharpe does,

After a few days later the Duke of Wellington decided to attack the City of Badajoz, Sharpe promised Captain Robert Knowles to look after Teresa in Badajoz, eventually Jenkins and all the 95 rifles where given the green jackets back after primission from Windham himself,

During the battle, Sharpe was ordered to guide he various regiments into their positions, during that job he rejoins his regiment which got devastated by the French cannon fire. Windham bravely tried to lead his men into the breach, and when Sharpe reaches his company, Rifleman Daniel Hagman told Sharpe he saw what had happened when Captain Rymer was killed in action, which nearly all soldiers where killed thanks to Rymer's actions of being a bad leader, and due to the incomeptence of Obadiah Hakeswill, with Sharpe, Lieutenant Harry Price, Harper, Daniel Hagamn, where Jenkins, Roach, Peters, Clayton, and Cresacre both felt nervous with exhilaration, this was the place to go in mad, they eventually charged into Badajoz after Sharpe took command of his company again, as they reached Badajoz unforutantly it cost the life of one of their own Chosen Men Rifleman Christopher Cresacre was among the victims he was dying with his guts strung blue on his lap, he cried in tears for himself and for his wife, who he would suddenly miss though he had beat her cruelly, however Jenkins was upset of the death of Cresacre, Sergeant Read during the battle was blind and could not cry because the guns had taken his eyes, Jenkins and the rest of the men managed to get into Badajoz and take the town, unforutanlty Knowles managed to reach the top of the French walls led his men into the city, when his men killed the French and plunder the homes, Knowles went to look for Teresa to protect her, unknown to him that Hakeswill had also entered the city and armed ith his bayonet and a stolen pistol, Knowels reached Teresa's house and she let him in but Hakeswill climbs to the upstairs room where Antonia is, and as Knowles enteres Hakeswill killed Knowles as a result and Hakeswill threatened to shoot the baby until Sharpe and Harper arrived to save Teresa, almost all soldiers began looting or raping women, Jenkins was amongst one of the men o not do that, like half the men didn't commit the crime, eventually after the battle was over, Jenkins was lucky to be alive, the battle also not only cost the lives of Captain Robert Knowles, but as well as Major Jack Collett, Captain Rymer, Rifleman Christopher Cresacre, and many as of a number of 4,800 dead or wounded either dead or dying had happened, but for Jenkins, Clayton, Peters, Gutteridge and the others would be something they would never forget and the loss of Rifleman Cresacre will not be forgotten,

Not much is told about Jenkins in (Sharpe's Sword, (novel), ) but he, Sharpe, Harper, and Hagman where part of a group, sent to capture Colonel Philippe Leroux, which he and his Captain Paul Delmas where fleeing from the King's German Legion towards where Sharpe's Light Company where at, Leroux was carrying the identity of El Mirador, Britain's most wanted spy in Spain, in the woods Sharpe' Harper, Jenkins, and Hagman captured Lerouz twenty minutes later, which incorrectly Lerouz was under the identity as Captain Delmas to avoid being detected by Sharpe, as Colonel Windham was not so pleased as to see how the order of blood hounds he was not impressed by Sharpe, Colonel Windham assigned Ensign McDonald to the unit, as the Light Company marched first into Lossow's cavalry screen, striking up onto the plains before the day's heat rose into the sky to blind them with sweat and choke them with warm, gritty dust, the british where marching east to the great city of Salamanca, Captain Lossow dropped behind his cavalry to be beside Sharpe saying he didn't trust his Frenchman, Sharpe realised he was heading to Salamanca had been their four years before with Sir John Moore's ill ated army, they also saw the cathedrals on the highest hill, and the city had been spoiled though, in the city of Salamanca, McDonald was excited to see the town, Leroux trotted obediently behind with the sixteen year old Ensign and Sharpe before they turned back to the gorgeous city across the river,

During one of the attacks, Windham's horse had blocked all the Riflemens' shots for a few crucial seconds, but then the Colonel dropped into the concavity of the hillside and Sharpe re-aimed, fired and was moving down the hill before he could see where his bullet had gone, one of Sharpe's men Hagman probably struck Delmas's horse, Windham reaced up towards the fallen Leroux, the first French Cannon fired from the fortress closest to the river, which the sound of the gun was a boom that echoed bleakly above the beauty for the river bridge, which then shot struck Windham bounced and came up the hill, as another canister load of musket balls flayed into the turf, filling the summer air with their whip-crack of death, Sharpe saw Harper race up the right with his seven-barrelled gun where they where nearing the houses, Jenkins and Hagman also ran forward into the houses, as half a dozen Rifleman had crawled onto the bridge after Sharpe and Harper, the rest stayed in the lee of the buildings and frantically loaded their weapons in hope of a clear shot, Hagman methodically loaded his rifle, which Hagman made clear sight of his target just a hundered yards away, squeezing the trigger but didn't reach the escaping Leroux, after Leroux escaped Voltigeurs French Light infantry began arriving and coming down the hill, they reached Delmas (really Leroux) Jenkins and the men began to fire and cover fire as Sharpe and Harper ran but not caring about the odds, the French Voltigeur officer calmly turned six of his men around lined them up and brought their muskets up into the air, Jenkins and the men shot many down which eventually when Sharpe began climbing behind the Dragoon, and Jenkins and two other rifleman had managed to capture some prisoners, he managed to shout incoherently and pointed beyond Sharpe, at the same instant Harper yelled, "In front sir!" and the Voltigeurs annoyed perhaps at the impudence of Rifleman's charge, they where determined to take the tow men isolated on the slope They had fired their colley and now a dozen of them came down with bayonets to either take prioners or finish Sharpe and Harper off, in the battle Ensign McDonald was killed by Leroux, and Lieutenant Colonel Windham was also killed in the battle, although Jenkins survived he and the rest of the men soon had Delmas but had escaped, after the battle Sharpe rejoined Hagman and Jenkins which Jenkins could hear a band playing much to his belief, it was the Sixth Division making their ormal entry into the city, it was found out soon afterwards, after Sharpe was confronting the Reverend Doctor Patrick Curtis that Delmas is actually Colonel Leroux and that he was protecting the city's population against Leroux's revenge if the city were to be recaptured by the French,

During their stay in Salamanca, Jenkins and the rest of the rifleman began to enjoy their stay, but during the following battle, Leroux was under Hogan's command to ensure he does not escape, Helene Leroux, or La Marquesa de Casares el Grande y Melida Sadaba, was said to be El Mirador,

After several days of preparation, the forts got aassaulted again and quickly surrender, Sharpe, Harper, Hagman, Jenkins and the rest of the men from either the 95th or the South Essex and other units began to search the forts several times thoroughly but couldn't locate Leroux, with Sergeant McGovern's squad and two Sergeants began searching for Leroux, McGovern stayed while six went with Sharpe, and Lieutenant Price ready to go to the San Vincente, as they're where both went searching for Leroux, but if Leroux did escape they're would have been trouble, Sharpe' ordered Price, and McGovern to bring Sergeant Huckfield back, as Huckfield's men filed beneath the parapet, and he offered Sharpe to help, as they began running, they realise that Leroux has disguised himself as a French soldier with a severe stomach wound, but believed Leroux had possibly arrived at the hospital established in the Irish College, he was indeed in the hospital and was met by a contact who would provide him with a cloake and a horse to help him escape, Harper captured Leroux but causes to fire his volley gun, Sharpe also managed to duel with Leroux until miraculously Leroux broke Sharpe's sabre with his Klingenthal sabre, before he had a time to kill Sharpe, a sentry comes to Sharpe's aid and Leroux fled, both the sentry with his musket and Sharpe with his rifle miss Leroux, however Leroux shot Sharpe with a rifled duelling pistol, however he evadeded it but was shot in the stomach and began to loses consciousness as Leroux escaped, though Hagman and Jenkins and the Light Company survived they eventually realisesd that Sharpe and Harper where missing, and Major Hogan is alerted, a search of the hospital finds Harper still unconscious, but Sharpe cannot be found amongst the living nor the British nor French dead,

Although Private Batten was annoyed because he let the rest of the Company know of it, but no one took notice of Batten's words, he did wait for a response but no one gave him any, Parry just ignored him as did Hagman, and McGovern did, but as Batten picked his nose Hagman said that Sharpe had saved Batten from swinging his neck two years ago, but he says that they couldn't have hung Batten and because he was innocent, but although Batten didn't think Sharpe was important just because he serves with him as one of his many men with the 95th Rifles but although Batten was just a South Essex red coat soldier and not a 95th rifleman soldier, although Price began to ask McGovern but Batten and the rest decided it would be fun to pick on McGovern which Jenkins possibly or presumably did, Batten was told to shut his face or get up, and he had to subsided to what he considered injured but righteous dignity, which he also busied himself with his right nostril, keeping his remarks out of the company hearing, Jenkins did know Batten was an idiot at times but had to deal with him, as they both waited until Huckfield had returned, as it was half past six, Lieutenant Price awed by the approaching Headquarters on his own responsibility and the Major only frowned to tell him of Captain Sharpe, and told no Sharpe no Harper, and just a lost Lieutenant Price, although they soon find find Harper, also they later learned that Sharpe was taken to the death ward run by Sergeant Michael Connolley in the dank basement of the Irish College, because Sharpe refuses to die of a wound that is fatal in all but the most exceptional of cases, Hogan later hears a story of a mad man digging up the Rench graves, then when on the streets of Ssalamanca he found Harper held in chains by the provosts, eventually Hogan persuaded the provosts to let Harper go and Harper went to find out tha he had searched all the recently buried French corpses and not found Sharpe, they later found Sharpe barely alive, Sharpe is moved to his own room in the hospital officers' ward, where he fights to stay alive against infection and fever, eventually Harper and Isabella (the peasant girl Harper rescued in the Battle of Badajoz) minister to Sharpe's needs, Hogan had assigned Lord Spears to protect El Mirador hwen he is in public,

Harper realises that Sharpe had lost his French cavalry overalls, (destroyed by the surgeons), his rifle was stolen, and his sword broken, many of the symbols of his sense of identity as a soldier and recognises that he needs to help provide something for Sharpe's spirit to cling onto, Harper, and Jenkins and Hagman also did little help in tending to Sharpe or doing stuff like find procuring another set of rifleman's trousers, a sword and a rifle, they where also successful in obtaining a rifle, and a sword he obtains and a heavy cabalry sabre is not quite suited for Sharpe to use as foot infantry, Undeterred, they sets about remaking the sabre to what he knows will be Sharpe's requirements, once finished it is totally transformed, later Sharpe was in full recovery, and eventually later Sharpe recuperates Harper and later confident now recovered returns to the Light Company and his 95th Rifles unit,

Jenkins later partook in the Battle of Salamanca along with the Harper, Hagman and the rest of Sharpe's unit, on July 23rd was the beginning of the battle, and however the the South Essex was being pushed back and realises that they need to stay firm in order to channel the French columns into a killing ground for the Sixth Division, Jenkins and the rest rode the light company and Sharpe assumed command from Lieutenant Price and ordered Harper to shoot the next person who falls back, they also hoped to cross the bridge at Alba de Tormes and Wellington hoped that the Spanish garrison had fled the French retreat was unopposed, Jenkins and the men during the French attack was too heavy and Sharpe heard the sound of the Baker Rifles, from the plain and he knew that the French skirmishers would be cursing the British Riflemen, during the battle, Sharpe knew that it was a waste of a good weapon, he shouted Rifles pointed to the open end to the open end of the line, while during the small volleys, Jenkins was with the battalion, although more and more men fell, Daniel Hagman managed to put a bullet through the Frenchman's throat, Jenkins then followed as Lieutenant Price was happy to see Sharpe again, the rest of the men where, however Lord Jack Spears conducted a solo charge against the fleeing French and he was shot, as Sharpe came to his aid and as he talks, Spears tells Sharpe to tell his sister that he died honourably and he wanted to die because he has the Black Lion (syphilis) and that he prefers to die whilst he still has his sanity and reputation, after the death of Spears, Jenkins and the remaining rifleman began to pursue the retreating French through the night and in an effort to find Leroux, During the morning they catch up to him, but he is able to outrun them and gains the protection of a French infantry square, eventually Sharpe was able to kill Leroux and put an end to his misery, Parry Jenkins and the remaining rifleman survived the Battle of Salamanca and began to serve Sharpe throughout the Peninsular War,

Afterwards he presumably went to fight in the Defence of the Tormes, and the Defence of Portugal and the capture of Obadiah Hakeswill, and presumably became one to witness Hakeswill be shot by firing squad a the coup de grace, and likely the Battle of Vitoria, and the Invasion of France, and the Franco-Spanish boarder, and likely the Winter Campaign in France, and likely the Battle of Toulouse if so he most likely survived the Peninsular War, though he wasn't mentioned in either Sharpe's Skirmish, nor Enemy, nor Honour, nor Regiment nor Christmas, nor Siege, nor Revenge he most likely survived after the Battle of Toulouse which was the final battle in Sharpe's Revenge, but he does not partake in the Battle of Waterloo and he's not mentioned in Sharpe's Waterloo nor did he partake in this role as they're is no mention of him anywhere, so likely if Jenkins survived it's likely he turned over a new leaf after the Peninsular War more likely, as he is one of very few rifleman whom survived the Peninsular War,


  • It is stated that Jenkins loved going fishing,
  • It is unknown why Parry Jenkins never appeared in the TV series although the resin was maybe that they couldn't find an actor for him or that he was possibly not needed,

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