Medium: Television, Book
Nationality: Scottish
Rank: Major
Appearances: Sharpe's Company
Sharpe's Enemy
Sharpe's Honour
Actor: Michael Byrne
"I assume I'm expendable, sir."
"You're a soldier aren't you? Of course you're expendable!
— Sharpe & Nairn

Nairn is a major-general of the British Army who serves as deputy for Wellington.


He first appears in the novel Sharpe's Enemy, he is described as a middle aged Scotsman whose huge grey eyebrows were attempting to reach up to meet a shock of grey hair. He was irreverent, throwing letters from the Chaplain General into the fire, and his staff liked him enormously as did Sharpe.

In Sharpe's Revenge, at Toulouse he is given command of a brigade, and takes the detached Richard Sharpe as his Chief of Staff. With the war winding down, he guesses it will be his only chance to lead men into battle.

Riding beside Sharpe, a French artillery attack killed Sharpe's horse, and moments later, a second volley of canister staggers Nairn. Alarmed, Sharpe turned back to him. Nairn sent him onward, claiming it was only a leg wound. Wounded but exultant, he would not let Sharpe stay with him, and ordered Sharpe to fire a volley and keep the momentum of the attack going.

With a victory in hand, a bagpipe sounded on the field. Nairn's body, carried on a litter made of enemy jackets, was recovered. Shrapnel had pierced his lung as well as his leg, and he had died at the battle's end. He was buried in the center of the redoubt his men had captured.  Sharpe wept. (Sharpe's Revenge)


Nairn is Wellington's main intelligence officer in the second season of the television series. He often uses Sharpe and his men in the course of his operations and is on close enough terms with them to consult with Hagman when Sharpe is believed dead.

Nairn has a good relationship with Sharpe, although they have a number of disagreements, notably in Sharpe's Company when Sharpe sees Nairn as putting Teresa in danger by leaving her as a spy in Badajoz. He told Sharpe that Teresa was her own comander, she did as she willed.

He delights in poking fun at the officious Sir Augustus Farthingdale, seemingly without Farthingdale realizing.

His role in Sharpe's Revenge is given to Hector Ross, who manages to survive Tolouse with just a leg wound.

He disappears from the series without explanation.