Molly Spindacre is an acquaintance of Jane Sharpe's.



Connie Hyde as Molly Spindacre

Derisively called the Merry Widow by Ross, Molly Spindacre plays at being a friend to Jane Sharpe in the TV movie Sharpe's Revenge. Left a young widow, she has no means of support but other men, and she reveals to Jane that the only thing keeping her from the poor house is her relationship with Colonel Wigram.

When she discovers that Jane has Sharpe's power of attorney and control over his fortune of some 10,000 guineas, however, she convinces Jane to set sail to England, ostensibly to teach Sharpe a lesson for taking part in a duel.

Once in England, she attaches herself to Jane, spending Sharpe's money as quickly as possible and encourages Jane's disaffection from her husband, for a Sharpe returned is an end to her access to his wealth. She pushes Jane toward Rossendale to finalize the breach with her husband.

When the money runs out, she deserts Jane and returns to France and Wigram but not without pointing out that Jane is no better than she, and give her advice on how to be a more discreet courtesan.