Mister Micklewhite was the surgeon for the 33rd. He attended the flogging of Private Sharpe afte rhe was charged with unprovoked assault upon Sergeant Hakeswill.  He didn't like Hakeswill, but like most others in the regiment, he feared him, and when he was offered half a crown 'for treatment' of Hakeswill's pox, he knew it to be a bribe to encourage the flogging to continue until the victim was dead.

Mickelwhite hadn't needed a bribe, however, he did not 'coddle' flogging victims. Micklewhite had the ability to halt a flogging on medical grounds, but he personally thought a dead victim was better for him than a recovering victim, who only cluttered up his sick cots and cost the surgery time and medicine only to most likely die when sentence was completed later. In his view it was just kinder to kill them outright.