Appearing only in the television movie Sharpe's Justice, one of the few productions not based upon a Cornwell novel.

With the price of everyday necessities rising in Yorkshire, Truman started rabble raise against the rich cotton millers. This placed a price on his head and Sharpe arrived in Yorkshire in 1814 to quell the rebellious.

When Sharpe hears of an illegal meeting, he orders his soldiers to tread gently, but his Yeomanry deliberately disobeys orders and incites a massacre; Truman gets away in the confusion.

Sharpe visits Sally Bunting and from her, he learns that Truman is his half brother. He arranges to meet with Truman at their mother's grave. The yeomanry is sent to take them both. Sharpe, Harper and Hagman get away, but Truman is shot dead.

Note: Sharpe's Justice is outside Sharpe canon as it contradicts Sharpe's history as established in the novels, most specifically; Sharpe was not born in Yorkshire, but fled there from his native London, his mother died when he was three, he had no known siblings, certainly none in Yorkshire.