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What is Sharpe?Edit

The Sharpe novel, Sharpe's Eagle, was first published in 1981. The Sharpe television series began in 1993 with Sharpe's Rifles.

Sharpe followed the adventures of Richard Sharpe during his time as a soldier in the British Army, telling the tale of his rise from the ranks and subsequent success in both India and continental Europe. In the television series, Sharpe was played by Sean Bean.

The Sharpe seriesEdit

Sharp has been released in two mediums - print and film. The Sharpe novel series ran from 1981 to 2007. The Sharpe television series ran from 1993 till 2008. The two do not follow exactly the same storyline, with both major and minor differences in their plots. There are currently no plans for further televised adventures, but Cornwell is still said to be writing new tales for the series.

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