Medium: Television
Also known as: The Wolf
Nationality: French
Rank: Brigadier General
Appearances: Sharpe's Battle (TV Movie)
Actor: Oliver Cotton

Brigadier General Loup was a French soldier who fought in the Peninsular War. During this time, he developed an association with wolves and his men frequently made use of the animal's fur as evidence of this.


Loup met Richard Sharpe in a small town from which his troops had been driven. Loup asked Sharpe not to kill two captives he had taken as he promised them safety and did not want to break such a promise. Sharpe killed them anyway and Loup made another promise, to kill Sharpe.

Loup took Lady Kiely captive and hoped to use her as ransom to convince Lord Kiely not to assist Sharpe's men. Eventually, Lord Kiely decided to get his wife back and attacked Loup.

Loup killed Lord Kiely and then duelled with Sharpe who had also come to the rescue. Despite winning at first, Loup was killed by Sharpe who stabbed him. (Sharpe's Battle)

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