Captain Lossow of the King's German Legion, was described as a square faced man with a ready smile. He served as a dragoon, and first appeared in Sharpe's Gold, where he met the Light Company on the road and instantly recognized the name of Sharpe, the man who had taken the eagle at Talavera.  The two men respected each other as professionals and were pleased to meet.


An officer of 3rd Hussars, KGL

Lossow and his men were sent to patrol one of Sharpe's expected routes for three days after the company had been sent on their mission to meet with partisans. Lossow came across them harried by French Lancers, and saw Sharpe fall, which earned a curse from him. His men saw the lancers off, and his horse doctor treated Sharpe's wound with a cauterizing iron to stop the blood loss that nearly killed him. He then thanked Lossow, who thanked Sharpe in turn for bringing him a 'lovely fight.'

In Sharpe's Sword, he managed to scrounge an entire crate of stone bottled beer with the note: The French could not kill you, so drink yourself to death. Your friend, Lossow. Sharpe was touched.

It would be Lossow's dragoons who accompanied Hogan and Sharpe in their pursuit of Leroux, and witnessed his death (Sharpe's Sword).

Sharpe counted him among his particular friends, all of whom were men out of their natural element, exiles.

His horse was called Thor, a horse who could 'bite a man's face off or beat an enemy down with its hooves.' (Sharpe's Gold).