Katherine Savage is the 19 year old daughter of an English wine merchant living in Portugal. At the opening of Sharpe's Havoc, she is missing from her home and he mother tasks the British Army with finding her. Lt. Colonel James Christopher lightly dismisses Sharpe and his rifles who were assigned by Michael Hogan, whom they had been escorting, to assist in her recovery with the added warning to keep a close eye on the colonel.

When the Rifles attempt to retunr to Hogan after being dismissed they are thwarted by the destruction of the bridge in Oporto, the Rifles proceed to the Savage's house where Kate claims to have married Christopher. Although she did believe they were married, Christopher had merely asked for a priests blessing, there was no legal union, as Christopher was all ready married. A fact Kate was obviously no privy to.

Christopher kept her with him while leaving the rifles behind, at one point making her dress in French uniform as he treated with officers of the French army. In a very short time, her hazy romantic view of Christopher, altered to something far more like disdain.

Hogan found a letter she left for Sharpe at her family home, "He is going with the French and forcing me to accompany him and I do not want to."

Christopher forced her to accompany him when he fled with the French, and while crossing the last bridge out of Portugal, Sharpe and Hogan caught up with them. Sharpe drew his sword and ordered Kate up the hill. Christopher tried to stop her but she ran past Sharpe and escaped.

She was later to marry Jorge Vicente a lieutenant of the Portuguese army who had accompanied Sharpe and Hogan.