In Sharpe's Escape, Kate is the English governess for the children of Portuguese Major Ferreira. When the family fled from advancing Spanish troops, Ferreira's brother, the criminal, Farragus arranged for her to be left behind. He locked her in, briefly beat her, and stripped her naked in preparation for rape. He was interrupted by a party of British soldiers looking for billets - Richard Sharpe purposefully chose the house for billeting because of a run in he'd had with the brothers earlier.

He discovered Kate, and removed her from the abandoned house. Then he and Harper went looking for Farragus' illegal black market supply dump, accompanied by Kate and Joana, a Portuguese girl they saved from a French rapist.

Trapped in Farragus's warehouse, the only way out was through the sewer and in the pitch black, they all stripped and followed the reeking sewers out. Sharpe marveled that she never complained. Once outside again, they found the town in the hands of the French and hid themselves in an out of the way cottage where they boiled their clothes, bathed and slept - Kate with Sharpe.

As they made their way back to British lines, they found themselves with the Light Company and the Ferreira brothers, under assault by French troops. Sharpe has the Major arrested and the fights Farragus who died when he put his back to a window, the best target the French had had.

Sharpe hands Kate Farragus' purse and told her it was her property.