"Yea. I say yea... yea."
— Tongue's "short prayer".
Isiah Tongue
Medium: Television, Book, TV
Also known as: Unknown
Nationality: English
Rank: Riflemen
Appearances: Sharpe's Rifles

Sharpe's Eagle

Actor: Paul Trussell
Isaiah Tongue was a rifleman that served in the 95th Rifles. He first appeared in Sharpe's Rifles. In the TV series, he was portrayed by Paul Trussel.


In the Sharpe novels, Tongue is an educated man, but also slightly alcoholic. He could recite passages from the Bible and was one of the few soldiers who was able to read. He was killed in Sharpe's Gold.

TV seriesEdit

In the TV series, Tongue was a dim-witted lad who did not even know what town he came from. He did not seem to have had any previous occupation before joining the army. Sharpe first encountered him in Sharpe's Rifles, when Tongue raised his rifle at him, thinking he was an intruder. Tongue seemed to be a capable soldier in combat. His fate remains unknown; he disappeared from the series after the second episode, Sharpe's Eagle.


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