Harry Price
Harry Price
Medium: Television, Book
Nationality: English
Rank: Captain
Appearances: Sharpe's Company

Sharpe's Waterloo

Actor: Scott Cleverdon and

Nicholas Irons

Captain Harold Price was an officer in the British Army.


Harry was a young officer first seen in Sharpe's Company when he was new to the Company. He was from Hampshire, the youngest son of a shipwright. He was an inveterate gambler and seducer of women, leaving a string of pregnant girls throughout the area. His sober father bought him an Engign's commission to get him out of town and doing something useful, and happily purchased a promotion to lieutenant when the South Essex went overseas. When Sharpe asked him why a shipwright's son had not joined the Navy, Harry had it was because of seasickness.

Sharpe liked him, found it impossible not to, and the same held for all of the Light Company, who watched out for him because they thought he wasn't long for the world. If he weren't killed in battle, they reckoned a jealous husband, the pox, the the mercury salts he took to treat it, or most likely, drink would kill him.

He was usually at least slightly drunk, even sometimes on the battlefield. "His life was a single minded pursuit of the debauchery denied him by his stern God-fearing family." (Sharpe's Company) He did retain enough sense to know when sober was better, and endeavored to be at least upright on such occasions. He performed ably at the Siege of Badejoz and survived the battle.

At Waterloo, he was promoted to Major at the death of his immediate superior on the field.


Price came to Teresa's aid during a siege of Badejoz in Sharpe's Company, but he was shot by Hakeswill, who had followed him to Teresa with the intent of raping and killing her. In the novels, Robert Knowles is the officer Hakeswell shot at Badejoz.

Irons as Harry Price

Price returned in Sharpe's Waterloo, despite having been shot by Hakeswill in Sharpe's Company. He was portrayed by a different actor.

He met Sharpe and Harper on the battlefield and conversed with them. After William I of Orange's foolish orders resulted in the deaths of many British soldiers, Price worried that his brother was amongst the dead. At the end of the episode, he joined Sharpe as he marched to victory against the retreating French forces.

He was portrayed in the TV series by Scott Cleverdon (Sharpe's Company) and Nicholas Irons (Sharpe's Waterloo).