Medium: Television, Book, TV
Also known as: Unknown
Nationality: English
Rank: Riflemen
Appearances: Sharpe's Havoc
Actor: Jason Salkey

Harris was a rifleman that served in the 95th Rifles. He first appeared in Sharpe's Rifles in the TV Series but in the Novel first appeared in Sharpe's Havoc.

TV SeriesEdit

In the TV Series, Harris is one of Sharpe's Chosen Men or lance corporals, He claims to be from Wheatley, Oxfordshire. He describes his pre-war life to Sharpe as being a 'courtier to my lord Bacchus' and an 'unremitting debtor'. He is promoted to Sergeant in the battle at Waterloo, but is killed alongside his friend Sergeant Daniel Hagman.


In Sharpe's Havoc he is from Lichfield where Samuel Johnson came from. He loved reading books especially philosophy and is the intellectual member of the company, however in Sharpe's Waterloo, Harris was absent from the novel, as it is told he is a living member in the books not a deceased member, although a different Harris appears at Waterloo instead,

Trivia factsEdit

  • The character was most likely a tribute to Benjamin Randell Harris of the 95th Rifles.

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