Daniel Hagman was a Chosen Man with Sharpe's Rifle's. Before the war he lived in the countryside of England where he learned to use a rifle by poaching. Eventually however, he was caught and given a choice of joining the army or facing punishment (which at the time could likely be deportation or even hanging)

Along with the rest of the 95th Rifles, he was initially mistrustful of Sharpe, however he eventually learned to trust a respect his commanding officer and friend. Hagman served with the 95th alongside Sharpe for the entire war where he become good friends with fellow Chosen Man, Harris and something of mentor to young Perkins after he joined the 95th during the events of Sharpe's Rifles.

He survived the war and returned to England, however he would later reenlist and fight at the Battle of Waterloo where he was killed alongside Harris whilst defending Le Hay Sainte.

Hagman was portrayed throughout the series by John Tams, who also sings much of the folk music featured.

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