Daniel Hagman
Daniel Hagman
Medium: Television, Book, TV
Also known as: Unknown
Nationality: English
Rank: Riflemen
Appearances: Sharpe's Rifles

Sharpe's Eagle Sharpe's Gold Sharpe's Escape Sharpe's Fury Sharpe's Battle Sharpe's Company Sharpe's Sword Sharpe's Skirmish Sharpe's Enemy Sharpe's Honour Sharpe's Regiment Sharpe's Siege Sharpe's Revenge Sharpe's Waterloo

Actor: John Tams

Daniel Hagman was a soldier in the 95th Rifles Regiment, British Army, he is portrayed by John Tams,


In the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell. When he and Sharpe first meet, Hagman reveals that he was a poacher by trade and that is where he gained his marksmanship skills. as a toothless man He proves this to Sharpe by shooting his shako when it is thrown into the air. Hoping to impress Sharpe, he is instead scoulded, accused of defacing the King's uniform. Later on, he gains Sharpe's respect and Sharpe gains Hagman's respect. Hagman gets himself entangled in the Industrial Revolution led by Sharpe's half-brother. in the battle of Waterloo, he rejoins Sharpe, Harper, Weller, Clayton in the battle, but unfortunately due to the Prince of Oranges incompetence, Hagman was mortally wounded in the bitter fighting and however died in Sharpe's arms,

TV SeriesEdit

In the TV Series at Waterloo he and Harris are both killed off in a gruesome fight caused by Prince of Orange's inept leadership causing the defenders to be killed or forced to retreat.

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