Clayton is a British soldier of the South Essex.


Clayton is first seen in Sharpe's Company. He survives Badajoz and remains active during the entire Peninsula Campaign. He was described as a former thief, both sly and cunning, and a good skirmisher.

At Waterloo, he fights beside Charlie Weller, the recruit who had once shared a tent with Harper and Sharpe when they had posed as recruits in Sharpe's Regiment.

At Waterloo, he expresses a loathing for the Dutch-Belgians, who were their allies, stating that they could not fight, and were rather too well fed (Waterloo). 

He asks Charlie Weller to watch out for his wife, Sally, should he die. 

He was killed by Napoleon's Imperial Guard in the last minutes of the battle.


He was married to Sally Clayton, with whom he had a two young children. He assisted Sharpe with his figures while Sharpe was exiled to the quartermaster's duties as he had some schooling.

Clayton was tormented by Obadiah Hakeswill before the assault on Badajoz, who said he wanted Clayton's wife. Clayton was killed at the breach at Badejoz. His body was later found by Wellington who seemingly knew him by name.

Clayton was portrayed in Sharpe's Company by Peter Gunn.