Cristian Gibbons
Medium: Television, Novels
Nationality: English
Rank: Lieutenant
Appearances: Sharpe's Eagle
Actor: Neil Dudgeon

Lieutenant Christian Gibbons appeared in Sharpe's Eagle,  the nephew of Colonel Sir Henry Simmerson. He was described as blond and blue-eyed, thin faced, with a smooth voice. He was also spoiled, arrogant, and unprincipled. He traveled with his mistress, Josefina Lacosta, to Sharpe's immediate jealousy.

In his first meeting with Sharpe, he arrogantly demanded his battalion and company and struck him with a riding crop before being dumped off his horse into a pile of manure by Sharpe without ever bothering to find out who the shabby soldier might have been, and was, in fact, a senior officer. Hogan intervened before things could escalate between the two, obliquely warning Gibbons about trying to push matters, "Terrible fellow, our Lieutenant Sharpe, equally fatal with a sword or gun" (Sharpe's Eagle)

The tone, however, is set between the two men. Gibbons slights Sharpe at every opportunity. When Sharpe is given the Light Company he removes himself to Simmerson's side as an "aide-de-camp."  After Valdelacasa he joined Simmerson's attempts to discredit Sharpe. On the eve of the Battle of Talavera, he and his crony Lt. Berry, savagely beat and rape his former mistress, Josefina.

Lieutenants Gibbons and Berry


During the battle, he followed his Uncle off the field when Sir Henry disobeyed orders and withdrew from the line of Battle. When Lawford relieved Simmerson, he ordered Gibbons back to the light company. After Harper and Sharpe had successfully captured a French Eagle, the survivors were swept away in the smoke of the battlefield. Once separated from Harper, Sharpe was attacked by the mounted Gibbons, who tried to kill Sharpe, slicing through his pack and driving him to the ground. His horse stamped on the rifleman's shoulder, and Gibbons demanded the eagle. He then moved to run Sharpe through, and Patrick Harper drove a captured French bayonet through Gibbon's back. Sharpe scrambled away from Gibbons' sword and smashed him in the mouth with the eagle, breaking his teeth, but Harper had been thorough, and Gibbons was already dead, "It was worth being in this army just to do that."

When his body was searched, a locket with a miniature of his sister, Jane Gibbons engraved with the sentiment, "God keep you, love Jane," was found about his neck. Sharpe kept it.