Medium: Television
Nationality: French
Appearances: Sharpe's Siege (TV Movie)
Actor: Amira Casar

Catherine was a young French lady who lived in Bordeaux.


Catherine's brother, the Comte de Maquerre, left her and her mother to become a spy for the English. In 1813, Catherine's mother fell ill with fever. Shortly after Major Richard Sharpe took over the castle where they were staying. Initially resentful of the deception he used capture the castle, she was pleased that he intended to let her fellow countrymen go. Catherine opted to stay as her mother could not be moved. Sharpe allowed her to do so. She rejected the advances of Colonel Bampfylde, shunning him.

Sharpe had recovered some quinine on the way to the castle, and Catherine asked him for it, aware he required it for his wife, but she did not expect Sharpe to survive the night as General Calvet was preparing to attack. Initially, Sharpe was reluctant to give her the quinine as he knew this would show his men they were unlikely to be going home. However, he eventually told Harris to take it to her. In gratitude, Catherine told him of the oyster shells in the castle's cellars and instructed him to burn them. With the lime produced through burning, they planned to blind the French.

Catherine still wanted to show her gratitude to Sharpe for his part in curing her mother, and so offered him her virtue. He declined, telling her prefer gold, to which she branded him a monster. Catherine's brother returned to ask Catherine and her mother to leave before the French attack. She refused telling him that she no longer knew him. Her brother was then killed by Daniel Hagman. The French were repelled through the use of the lime and the Castle was held. Catherine made her goodbyes to Sharpe before he left. (Sharpe's Siege)

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