or Major Lennox in the sharpe tv series with sean bean was the Captain of the South Essex Light company at Bernard Cromwells novel Sharpe`s Eagle. Lennox was a Scotsman, who retired after the wars in India, where he met Sharpe for the first time. But after losing his wife and because a retired officer just got half pay in these times. He joined the army again as a captain of the south Essex Company.

Making his way to the town of Talavera, General Wellesley dispatches the South Essex, alongside Sharpe's Riflemen and the engineers of Major Hogan, to blow up the bridge at Valdelcasa, so as to protect the army's flank as they march. During a french attack Lennox brought down by the enemy, and the loss of the King's Colour. As a dying request, Lennox asks Sharpe to take a French Eagle, 'touched by the hand of Napoleon' himself, so as to erase the shame of losing their own standard.

Sharpe did it and was promoted to Captain, which he was till Sharpe`s Company.

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