Medium: Television, Book
Nationality: Scots
Appearances: Sharpe's Eagle
Actor: David Ashton

An officer of the South Essex Light company in Sharpe's Eagle. Lennox was a Scotsman, who retired after returning from India. But after losing his wife, and because a pension on half pay wasn't enough, he rejoined the army as an officer of the South Essex then being raised by Sir Henry Simmerson.

General Wellesley dispatches the South Essex, alongside Sharpe's Riflemen and the engineers of Major Hogan, to blow up the bridge at Valdelacasa, so as to protect the army's flank as they march.

During an unnecessary action against the French ordered by Simmerson, Lennox was mortally wounded, and the King's Colour was lost. As a dying request, Lennox asks Sharpe to take a French Eagle, to erase the shame of losing their own standard.


In the Television movie, Sharpe's Eagle, his rank is major.