The Wikipedia:Wikipedia definition of the word Wikipedia:canon includes the following definition:

In fiction, canon is the officially authorized interpretation of characters and events. It is also sometimes described as "part of a fictional universe which has inarguable validity within". In fandom, the term is often used to distinguish between "canonical" accounts (i.e. those authorized by the copyright holder) and those of fanfiction, sometimes called fanon. In serial fiction, new material can contradict earlier material (a practice known as retconning), in which case the new material becomes canon. Publishers, especially in mainstream comic books, sometimes release "what-if" stories featuring non-canonical interpretations of their characters.

The canon for Sharpe's Wiki will always contain the works of Bernard Cornwell, or at least those which relate to the era of Richard Sharpe. It has been well recorded that there are continuity "differences" in the Sharpe books, caused by the continued extension of the Sharpe story. Where possible, these will be noted within Sharpe's Wiki

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