Ben Perkins
Ben Perkins
Medium: Television, Book, TV
Also known as: Unknown
Nationality: English
Rank: Riflemen
Appearances: Sharpe's Havoc (first appearance in the novel)
Actor: Lyndon Davis

Ben Perkins was one of the youngest Chosen Men in the 95th Rifles,

TV SeriesEdit

Ben Perkins was a young man who served with the British Army in 95th Rifle Regiment. Initially he served as a common private until the Regiment was nearly wiped out by a French cavalry attack during Sharpe's Rifles, however following the attack Sharpe was able to recover the Regimental Colours which he entrusted to Perkins for safekeeping. At the end of the episode Perkins saved Sharpe's life by shooting dead Colonel de L'Eclin, for which he was rewarded with a promotion to Chosen Man.

Perkins would go on to serve alongside the 95th throughout the war, however he would unfortunately be killed in action.

He was played by Lyndon Davies.


Perkins first appeared in Sharpe's Havoc Perkins was from London and was an unappealing street rat who sweapt horse shit out of the way for pedestrians in hope of a coin in his earlier life he was presumed to be the youngest for though Perkins knew neither the day nor the year of his birth he did not yet need to shave, he joined the military as he was one of fewer new members to the 95th at the time along with Rifleman Pendleton he was almost as young as Pendleton, he was only new to the 95th Rifles of the original men in Sharpe's Company where, Patrick Harper now a Sergeant, and Riflemen, Daniel Hagman, Harris, Parry Jenkins, Matthew Dodd, Christopher Cresacre, John Williamson, Ned Tarrant, Sean Donnelly, Fergus Slattery, Isaiah Tongue, Gataker, Sims, Cameron, and Harvey and an additional further other survivors up to nearly 50 where left from the retreat to Corunna, Perkins was only a young rookie alongside Pendleton at the time of Havoc, he thought in the First Battle of Porto, which as a result became a French Victory over 8,000 soldiers perished in the attack, that and a great number of civilians where killed,

During this battle Miss Savage was missing and the French were coming, Sharpe still a Lieutenant at the time led his men in the retreat from Porto, he led his men into a house to safety eventually Hogan asked Harper about Mrs Savage, which to that response her name was Catherine Savage, nineteen years old, after asking her mothing says she might have gone to Vila Real de Zedes, the men where protecting Hogan while Sharpe had 24 of his men escort Mrs Savage, as Hagman complained they would march to Lisbon, Sharpe only mentioned it's a long way, however they're where to look after Lieutenant Colonel Christopher whom actually was a turncoat spy secretly working with the French, however during the battle the young recruit Pendleton was the first to see what was happening at the river with his eyes, Hogan lead Sharpe and his men including Perkins across the bridge, howeve they knew some of his men would stop for a drink of wine, later the streets became more narrower and however they also helped push the orphans towards the bridge by using their rifles to hold back the adults, as Hagman wanred Sharpe that three blue-coated Frenchmen appeared from an alley, and a dozen rifles swung towards the threat, Sharpe yelled at the men to lower their guns as they're where Portugese, he ordered not wanting one of his rifles to accidentally fire in the press of refugees, a drunk woman reeled from the tavern door and tried to embrace one of the Portuguese soldiers and Sharpe only glanced back because of the soldiers protest saw two men John Williamson and Ned Tarrant vanish through the tavern door, however Sharpe confronted both the bullying soldier Williamson and Tarrant, he booted them towards the arch, although Dodd asked what happened, Sharpe told Dodd and Harper, God was looking the other way, and all the men where here, he had Williamson and Tarrant on charge again, as they got towards the hill the French dragoons had not spotted the riflemen, eventually for that had happened as flok fleeing the city, as the men got ready for an attack, Sharpe ordered four rifles to come with him, during the attack they manage to fire at the French Dragoons, but the attack cost few of Sharpe`s men including Rifleman Tarrant with a sever shot to the hip, Hagman took out the scissors that had cut Sharpe's hair and sliced Tarrant's breeches away from his wounded hip, Tarrant was unable to walk as he lost a joint, Williamson did not want to leave his friend but Sharpe only told him they're was no other choice, which for Williamson he began to grow a hatrid on Sharpe because he left his friend their by himself, the rest including Perkins retreated from the French, they where met by a young Portuguese officer named Lieutenant Jorge Vicente introduced himself to Sharpe and the men, Jorge was a law student who joined his country's army out of a patriotism despite his bitter hatred of lawyers, Sharpe gradually came to respect Jorge's bravery in combat,

As they went on the run they where joined by Sergeant Macedo, and some of the partisans, they later attacked the French he had Hagman put the wounded ones out of misery after attack in the French Dragoons, plus Pendleton, Harris and Cresacre over there, later while fighting in the Douro in a attack, later in a paddock they attacked the French but Hagman was wounded they took him to Vila Real de Zedes, where eventually a surgeon managed to patch Hagman up from his wounds,

Later Perkins accompanied Sharpe to Vila Real de Zedes, later they're was punishment for the rest of the men, Williamson, Sims and Gataker got drunk and hurling at the Quinta shutters, they where ostensibly been on picquet under the eye of Dodd, fortunately this led to Dodd's punishment, as for Sims and Gataker, however Sharpe later confronted Williamson, but the real resin he hated Sharpe was because ever since Captain Murray died this changed Williamson's ways and he wanted to get home from war,

later a French Sharpshooter killed Rifleman Sean Donnelly, later Sharpe felt devastated fro his death and he also ordered Pendleton, Williamson, Dodd, and Sims to organize a group to go back down the hill and bring up the discarded packs and food,

Later they went on the next patrol with a bond growing strong between Vencente and many of the men, including Rifleman Harris's place he comes from Lichfield, Johnson, he took, Harper, Harris, Tongue, and Pendleton on a scout recognisance to look for any French, they later soon learned that Lieutenant Colonel James Christopher was a traitor working for the French,

Later they began to burry Rifleman Donnelly while Vicente had sent Sergeant Macedo with three men to dig his two graves, he given second spade to Williamson, he accompanied Dodd and Harris downhill, while Harper and Slattery carried the dead man down from the hilltop and rolled him into the hole, as Harper said a prayer and Slattery bowed to his head, Williamson was shoving the soil back into the grave while Dodd and Harris watched the French carry their last casualties away during a cease fire, later they're was a desertion that soon began with Williamson betraying Sharpe and the other chosen men, he ran down hill betraying Sharpe while as artillery began, Harris and Dodd where still on the open slope, but Dodd and Harris had even looked dumbfouned could they had stopped Williamson, but needless to say Williamson had vanished to the French ranks to join Christopher, later they went to Vila Real de Zedes,

As they nearly started to attack Vila Real de Zedes, Sharpe took with him, Cooper, Harris, Perkins, Cresacre, and Sims to attack the town because he deliberately named the last two because they where friends with Williamson, Vicente wanted to join as he liked Sharpe, while Sergeant Harper and Sergeant Macedo where left in charge of the hilltop, as Sharpe and Cooper led going stealthily into the ambush, they followed the path to the Quinta which has its blue shutters closed against the sun, they went into the town however Perkins was looking sickly but Sharpe ordered him to take a deep breath, as they entered Vila Real de Zedes into the town which had the church, they looked for any survivors in the town, as they're Cooper and Sims pulled their triggers and attacked the French soldiers, after the attack, they found the villagers their Harper and the men went into the town, later Sharpe ordered the prisoners to walk to Gibraltar,

Perkins partook in the Second Battle of Porto which eventually he managed to survive it, while Sharpe managed to kill Christopher and the traitor Rifleman John Williamson, with Williamson dying first and Christopher second, while Jorge rescues Kate Savage,

Perkins fought with Sharpe in the Battle at Talavera though he was not mentioned in Sharpe's Eagle, and the Destruction of Almeida but wasn't mentioned in Sharpe's Gold, he partook in Sharpe's Escape during the battle of Bussaco, and returned again in Sharpe's Fury, alongside, Sharpe, Harper, Hagman, Harris, and Slattery, however in the Battle at Barrosa it cost the life of Slattery, he partook in the Battle of Fuentes de Onoro and his major role in Sharpe's Battle was he had a romantic relationship with Miranda after she was rapped by the French soldiers in Grey uniform led by Brigadier-General Guy Loup, he was also accused when his green coat was missing which Juanita stole his jacket, he also survived the battle of Fuentes de Onoro, and went to fight with Sharpe in the Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo and the Siege of Badajoz, however the battle cost the life of Captain Robert Knowles and Rifleman Cresacre, however Perkins was not mentioned in the novel Sharpe's Company, he went to fight in the Battle of Salamanca in Sharpe's Sword but he wasn't mentioned, he reappears in Sharpe's Skirmish in the defence of the Tormes, he survived the defence of the Alba de Tormes, and he went onto fight alongside Sharpe in Sharpe's Enemy he wasn't mentioned in Sharpe's Enemy at all, he went to fight into the Battle of Vitoria, the Invasion of France, the battle of the Franco-Spanish border, the French Winter Campaign, and persumbly he went to fight in the final battle at Toulouse, however though Perkins wasn't mentioned in Enemy, Honour, Regiment, Christmas but was likely alive that time, Siege, Revenge, nor Waterloo, however he most likely survived the Peninsular War and likely went back home to England after Toulouse to turn over a new leaf of life, he does not turn up in Sharpe's Waterloo in the Waterloo Campaign, it is unknown if Perkins likely lived or went to marry Miranda perhaps he and Miranda may have started a new life together in England possibly getting married and having kids, though Bernard Cromwell never identified this but it's likely a best candidate for Perkins to have survived the Peninsular War and likely best candidate for him to have married Miranda in the books, and it's best to candidate Rifleman Perkins a living member in the novels,

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