Private Batten was a Private in the South Essex regiment, he always moaned about everything even which annoyed Sharpe,

Sharpe's GoldEdit

Private Batten was caught by Provosts, in a deserted Portugese village, with a stolen chicken. The Provost officer, Lieutenant Ayers, was determined to hang him on the spot as an example, but he was stopped by both Sharpe and Harper, with their Baker Rifle and Nock Volley Gun. Sharpe subsequently dealt with Private Batten with a blow to the chest, and for his intervention with the Provosts had to face the wrath of Wellington, he was nearly to be hung but his life was spared a second time by Wellington, he joined Sharpe in the Siege of Almeida, and survived the encounter of Colonel Joaquin "El Catolico' Jovellanos which Sharpe killed him, Batten went to serve with Sharpe through the rest of the Peninsular War,

Sharpe's SwordEdit

He returned to Sharpe's Sword and partook in the Battle of Salamanca, after which when Sharpe was presumed dead, Batten complained once again about his history only for Rifleman Daniel Hagman to tell Batten to stop complaining, he likely survived the battle at Salamanca and most likely went to serve with Sharpe though the rest of the Peninsular War though he was not mentioned in either Sharpe's Skirmish, Sharpe's Enemy, Sharpe's Honour, Sharpe's Regiment, Sharpe's Christmas, Sharpe's Siege, Sharpe's Revenge, nor Sharpe's Waterloo,

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