Antique Military Rifles
The Baker Rifle - officially known as the Pattern 1800 Infantry Rifle - was a flintlock rifle used by the Rifle regiments of the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars. It was the first standard-issue, British-made rifle accepted by the British armed forces.

The Baker Rifle was first produced in 1800 by Ezekiel Baker, a master gunsmith from Whitechapel, London. The issue rifle had a 32 inch barrel, .653 calibre, and seven rectangular grooves in the barrel.

A rifleman was expected to be able to fire two aimed shots a minute, compared to the three or four shots a minute for the musket in the hands of a trained infantryman. The average time to reload a rifle is dependent on the level of training and experience of the user; twenty seconds (or three shots a minute) is possible for a highly proficient rifleman. Using a hand-measured powder charge for accurate long range shots, such as Rifleman Hagman preferred,  could increase the load time to as much as a minute.